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My First Curly Cut

I’ve been on my curl journey for a little over two years now. I’ve prided myself on breaking up with my flat iron since my best friend’s wedding and trying new curly hair products every month. Yet, after all this time I had NO idea the most important thing I could for my curly hair was get a curly cut.

A haircut FOR curly hair BY someone with curly hair. Mic drop moment for real!

I got on a plane recently and went to beautiful San Diego, California to have my first curly cut with Daisy from The Daze Studio. I literally took a Lyft straight from the airport to Mission Valley to make my appointment on time.

I walked in suitcase in hand. The owner Daisy was so friendly immediatly offering me all sorts of beverages, snacks and a smile. She was finishing up another client, an adorable six-year old girl whose curls were very similar to my own six-year old daughter, Mia. I had a glimpse of how she may act getting her hair done professionally and then I remembered her yelps of pain when I barely touch her hair to detangle.

When my turn came, Daisy asked me what music I liked so she could have Alexa play it. Silence. Seriously, all I listen to lately is Disney’s Descendants, Descendants 2 and Kids Bop sprinkled with some gospel, so I drew a complete blank and said “Tamia”🤣. Alexa took us all the way back to the 90s and early 2000s. At times throughout the appointment, we’d say, “is this Tamia still”?

For curly cuts she asks clients to come in with our hair all down and styled with the products we normally use. Since I was getting on a plane early that morning, I co-washed and added some products, but didn’t try extra hard to make my curls pop. So when I took my before picture, I looked like this…..😳😫

After we talked about what I had going on with my hair and what I hoped for, she started using her amazing Deva Cut techniques resulting in a shape I could have walked out with at that moment and felt like I was doing something major.

Then came the roots. THE ROOTS. I’ve had white hair since I was 19, so the root growth in the back of my hair was very real. She was surprised at how much full coverage of white hair I had going on. We talked about how one day I could go all white because my hair is so evenly white all over but we decided maybe when I turn 80.

She also set me up with an Olaplex treatment to build my broken hair bonds.  She used number one and two in the hair dye. I also have a take home bottle to continue bonding my hair. I sat back in the hair bowl for a while as she did her thing washing, deep conditioning and letting the Olaplex settle in. Sadly, this was the closet thing to a mental break I’ve had in a long time, so I didn’t mind at all waiting for all of the products to work in my hair. By this time Alexa started playing Lauren Hill, Music Soulchild and SWV.

Next she had me flip my hair forward as she used various DevaCurl products on my hair. I have never thought to apply my products with my hair completely flipped over. She also gave me a huge tip to apply my leave-in products while still in the shower, before using a microfiber towel or t-shirt. What I’ve always done is dry my hair, then apply products, but I learned the product is best absorbed by soaking wet hair.

Afterwards I sat under the dryer for a bit and then she had me flip my hair again to diffuse and create volume.  She had a regular diffuser at first, but then pulled out the DevaCurl DevaFuser for lift. I need one of these in my daily life.

Then it was the moment of truth, the “after” photo:


I LOVE my curly cut! I’m so grateful for the experience and knowledge I gained from Daisy. I felt like my hair instantly transformed into a curl pattern that I’ve never seen before. A few hours after my appointment, my curls started to pop even more, especially in the front. Tomorrow will be the moment of truth when I do a new co-wash and try to recreate this look. I learned so much in a few hours that I’m pretty confident in my abilities to keep this Curly Courtship going. ❤️

8 thoughts on “My First Curly Cut”

  1. Love your storytelling style, felt like I was there too!
    So fun and much needed mommy-cation. Please post some pics of you re-creating the look!


  2. Simply Beautiful!! Excellent tips for everyone! Glad you were able to get a few quiet moments in before your business meetings. Catch ‘me moments’ whenever and wherever you can busy Mommy and Business Executive. Even sitting in the car and simply watching nature while listening to soft music for a few minutes, sipping on a soda or coffee if you’d like is a natural relaxer. The clouds in the sky, trees gently blowing, birds and butterflies fluttering, flowers in bloom. You get the idea. Focus only on the sights and sounds. No other thoughts 5-15 minutes lowers stress… which helps tension on the face, hair, body, and mind… especially before meetings or heading to a busy home. Try it everyone…. it works! As Patti Labelle says…’You’ll have a New Attitude!!’ Love your new curly look Felicia… Tamia was number one!😊

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  3. Felicia, this is really interesting. It is great that you were able to go to the Daze Studio in California. The pictures tell the story. Your before and then the pictures after are as different as day and night . You look gorgeous and your new curly hairdo is beautiful. I love it.


  4. I Loved hearing about your traveling from Arizona to your hair appointment in San Diego. And…Your finished hair style was absolutely gorgeous!!


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