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My Little Mermaid 

She did NOT come to play, okay! 🏊🏽‍♀️ Mia says five weeks of swimming class will not mess up her curls! On Sunday night, I could not find her purple swim cap anywhere. We had just used it at my parents' house on the Fourth of July. I thought it may be hiding in the… Continue reading My Little Mermaid 

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Hair Today, Gone Tonight

This is the story of Elijah's second hair cut. His first was in a real barber shop and the whole time he screamed and cried an adorable "NO THANK YOU, NO THANK YOU, NO THANK YOU". The. Entire. Time. Politeness always counts 😉. Anyway, the second time his hair grew out, my husband and I… Continue reading Hair Today, Gone Tonight


Granddaddy Is In Heaven Now…

I've been thinking about writing this blog for a while now, but could not bring myself to do so until today. My grandfather Mr. Andrew Jackson Frost was almost 95 years old, a WWII veteran and husband, passed on June 20, 2017, surrounded by loved ones. He was just 10 days away from celebrating his… Continue reading Granddaddy Is In Heaven Now…