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Not throwing shade…

Disclaimer: You may have to live in Arizona during the summertime or just open a hot oven door and stand there for several hours without blinking (PLEASE don’t) to truly appreciate what I’m about to say because this is a prime example of a heat-induced rant with Twitter fingers.

My face just thinking about getting the kids in and out of the car to ‘run errands’!

So I’ll do just about anything to get a slither of shade covering my black, Honda Civic during the summer. It’s quite pathetic and hilarious at the same time. Although the movie industry would have you believe Arizona only has dust, palm trees and cacti, we do have trees. But they are few and far between, especially when it comes to parking lots. 

I’ve lived in Arizona since 1987 but I’ve only had children since 2011. When you have two kids in car seats during May, June, July, August, September and October and its 100+ degrees outside you see the world differently. Then when you add on a crown of full curls flowing down the back of your neck, things get real. I have crazy thoughts racing in my head as SOON as I leave the air-conditioned office, house or store and slapped by the heat. Like immediately. 

My #MCM posing like it doesn’t take him forever to sit down and get buckled up.
In fact, here are facts that ran through my head when I picked up my babies after school the other day:

1). This heat don’t make no damn sense (insert major side-eye and proper English escapes you at this point)

2.) Yep that trip to Target to get more Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner can definitely wait. I’ll just wear a messy pineapple this weekend. (Which I did)

3.) Ugh, the back of my neck feels like it just did two hours of hot yoga. (Cue reason number two for messy pineapple)

4.) Since when do they make heated car seats?!? 😫 ( my poor babies)

5.) YEP, I sure will walk 100 extra steps and take the parking spot furtherest from the school door, Target or birthday party venue JUST to park in the shade. 

This is called WINNING in the parking lot/no shade/heat war!
Oh Arizona sun, please be kind this summer. No cute hairstyle is safe when you are around burning us all up! My curls would like to come out to play ❤️➰➿➰

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