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It Starts With Us

My children are two and five-years old. They have an amazing life full of love surrounding them.

They love their brown skin.

They love their curls 🙌🏽!

They love others.

They don’t know some people in this world will judge them solely based on those features.

As their parents, it’s our job to love them, provide food, shelter, education, meaningful experiences and most importantly be living examples of the love of God!

We also have the duty and burden of preparing them for racially motivated scenarios they will likely encounter at some point(s) in life. It’s sad, unfortunate, and idiotic, but a reality. We have to live in reality otherwise we are sending them into the lion’s den. Those amazing witnesses who endured for centuries before us sacrificed IT ALL, praying their heirs wouldn’t endure this reality. Yet, hatred it’s here and never went away.

My belief is it starts with us! Whether you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, teacher or friend, you play an important part. It’s never too early to speak LOVE and respect and strength into the lives of our children because they are watching and listening.

It starts with us. The messages in this blogpost image are areas we speak into Mia and Elijah constantly. All the while, praying it becomes the fabric of who they are now and grow to be as adults! It’s who I believe God wants them to be as a representative of his love.

There is so much more I could say around this conversation, but I will stick I pin in it here and allow you time to reflect on my words. The conversation WILL continue.

May God bless this nation and may we raise up our children with a unwavering heart for humanity!

Remember, it starts with US!

1 thought on “It Starts With Us”

  1. ‘Well Said’My Beautiful Daughter and Mia & Elijah’s Amazing Mom! You and Eugene are teaching them well about Loving themselves and others! The rest of your family and friends will continue to follow your Lead!❤️
    Many Blessings,
    Mom/Nana Jackie


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