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Morning Glory

If you are like me, simply making it to the car in the morning is a miracle!

By the time I drop my kids off at school in the morning, I swear I’ve lived a full day. A. FULL. DAY. I do my best not to get stressed out or make the kids feel rushed. Although the reality is I magically managed to snooze all six of my iPhone alarms too many times, the cartoons slow down breakfast and someone (namely my son) thinks he knows everything, which makes simple routines like getting dressed a critically-acclaimed Broadway production.

Even on those rare days when I’m up early and dressed with my hair and makeup done before the kids rise, somehow, the last 10 minutes of our morning goes astray. Guaranteed. A lost pillow pet (a must have nap-time lovie), missing keys or an emotional breakdown when I require a jacket be worn in December. So you know, just the basics.

Back to the car. Our drive to school is about 25-30 minutes in the opposite direction of my office, so besides trying to get my life together in general during that time, I try to act calm for them so they have good memories of our time together. Think about it. If I typically drive them to school approximately three times a week at 30 minutes a pop, it adds up to hours and hours. Plus “quality time” is my ‘Love Language’ so it means even that much more.

I’ve learned I can’t control the emotions, energy or attitudes of my babies in the morning, but I do try to send them off with something positive. So the one thing we do besides listening to the soundtrack from Descendants 2 is recite our positive words in the car. Basically, I make them repeat positive statements. Sometimes if the stars are aligned I’ll ask one of them to lead us in positive words and they’ll do it.

I am smart.

I am kind.

I am a good person.

I stand up for myself.

I stand up for others.

I am a good friend.

I am funny.

I love my hair.

I love my eyes.

I love my nose.

I love my mouth.

I love my skin.

Mommy loves me.

Daddy loves me.

Mia loves me.

Elijah loves me.

God loves me.

I love me.

Of course my pint sized, three-year, comedian has to add in “Mommy you forgot one….I love my bottom”. [Insert giggles from the back seat].

Pray church.

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