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Wash Day

Wash day. It’s a phrase that most of the curly/natural moms and kids I know dread. No, I’m not talking about the six loads of laundry with pockets full of sand and unidentifiable stains on the clothes the kids just got for Christmas. This is about telling your five-year old’s glorious, curly mane that to has to get unbraided, combed thru and pretty much fight Mother Nature.

Here is my epic 5 1/2 hour adventure during one of my daughter’s wash days.

So it begins 

10:59 a.m. Take hair down, use water bottle to spray down hair and then break out the Curly Kids Super Detangling Spray. Finger thru hair to see how tight the curls are at the root and cause less screams when the comb lands (wishful thinking). Then use said wide-tooth comb to detangle ends section by section. Curly Courtship tip: Always start at the ends of the hair and work your way up. 

11:12 am One section done yasssssss! I need a glass of wine. Now just four more sections to go on that HALF of her hair.

11:40 am Start on the other side of her hair after the two-year old brother takes a potty break (yah!) and both kids stop all progress for a dance break request to Alvin and the Chipmunks Road Chip movie. Viewing number SEVEN in the last 45 days.

12:21 p.m. Done for now ….after two more dance breaks with Alvin.

2:21 p.m. After a popcorn snack, then lunch, an intense meal planning convo with the hubby about the upcoming week, THEN chasing the boy for his nap time, it’s finally time to wash this beautiful hair.

2:38 p.m. After a quasi bath/co-washing and conditioning session, it’s time to move back to the chair to towel dry with a t-shirt, stare at the beautiful curls and decide what the heck to do with it now. Should I take the easy way out by parting it down the middle and create two curly ponytail puffs? Or do I make our next detangling life way easier by parting at least four ways and braiding? I decide to go for the gold and tackle parting multiple ways with these curls. Grabbing the detangler again, Carol’s Daughter Honey Mimosa, the water spray bottle and Shea Moisture’s Kids Curling Butter Cream we go all in!

3:23 p.m. Singing Hallujiah!!! We are done!!!!!!

4:38 p.m. Finally look in the mirror at myself likely for the first time that day and the white roots are screaming at me like I owed them money.

Curly Courtships can be exhausting but it’s all in a day’s work as a mom. ❤️

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