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My Little Mermaid 

She did NOT come to play, okay! 🏊🏽‍♀️ Mia says five weeks of swimming class will not mess up her curls!

On Sunday night, I could not find her purple swim cap anywhere. We had just used it at my parents’ house on the Fourth of July. I thought it may be hiding in the laundry room or mixed up in a toy cubby. I looked and looked and honestly got distracted by five other tasks I was doing at the same time, then just fell asleep. Fast forward to the next day. My busy Monday workday ended when I realized her first day of swim class was in an hour with NO cap 😩! At this point you may be thinking ‘so, what’s the big deal’? Why are you blogging about a swim cap’?’ Tisk, tisk, my dear one. May I please direct your attention to a little process we call ‘Wash Day‘. 

As I was leaving work, I did some quick thinking and Waze told me that Dick’s Sporting Goods was a 20 minute drive and another 35 minutes from where Mia had to swim. BUT I had time to pull it off and the store clerk confirmed over the phone they carried junior sizes. About 60 seconds after I started driving to the store, I got a call from my husband. His car may have overheated (in 113+ degree weather) because a random warning light came on as he was headed to pick up our kids from art camp. Yikes! That moment officially killed any dreams I had of keeping her hair dry that evening.

 After some more super quick thinking we decided Eugene would Uber to the kids’ school, I’d now pick up the kids (bye bye store) and we’d all jump in my car and head over to the Kroc Center for swimming class. Whew! Actually, my husband drove because I jumped in the backseat and proceeded to braid her hair tightly and wrap each one of her four ponytails into cute buns. I wish I had a pic of that style.  Anyway, she had fun in class and did really well. Needless to say afterward we were forced to have a ‘wash day’ at 7:30 p.m. on a Monday night 😩😩 

Today was her second swim class. We were not going to have a natural hair extravaganza again tonight. Nope, not happening.  Last night I found a sports store near our house and picked up her aqua blue, Nike Jr. Silicone swim cap that worked perfectly! They say silicone caps are thicker, last longer and better for long, thick hair. I paid $9.99 for Mia’s. My Amazon history log tells me I purchased her original purple Swimtastic cap in 2015 for the same price. 

All just proof your Curly Courtship can survive a wonderful summer in the water. ❤️

1 thought on “My Little Mermaid ”

  1. You are such a resourceful Mom! 3 Cheers to You my Beloved Daughter!!! And.. Mia looks like an Olympic Swimmer… Have Big Fun in the water Mia!!!
    Much Love, Nana❤️


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