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Curly Connoisseur: Asha 

Meet Asha
Curl type 3B. I met this fun-lovin, Seattle-born, track star turned coach, human sports Wikipedia and now mama, in 1998. Ironically, our first encounter was at an all-girls dorm on the campus of The University of Arizona in Tucson. Somehow both of us managed (my mama made me) to live in one of the ONLY three, all-girls’ dorms on campus.

As the story goes, it was still very early in the 1998 fall semester and we both had others tell us about a “girl who looks like you”. I’m sure that resulted in some major side eye before it had a name. So when we finally crossed paths one day in the hallway of ‘Crazy Coco Loco’ (aka Coconino Hall) we paused, looked each other up and down, said hi and have been the best of friends ever since. Oh thank goodness social media was NOT around to capture our crazy adventures.

Neither 1422 miles (but whose counting?) two marriages, nor a total of five kids have kept us from injecting ourselves into one another’s lives. Thank goodness for text and IG tagging 😉!

This is us likely in 2000. Her curls were fly while my hair was blow fried!

With all that said, I’ve ALWAYS admired Asha’s glorious mane and grateful to intoduce her as a Curly Connoisseur. Here is her story in 60 seconds.

My Curly Courtship Began…

I fell in love with my curls right about 14 years old. I was in 8th grade and finally realized some techniques to bring out my curls and minimize frizz. Simple things like gel and awide-tooth comb. I had finally grown out my bangs and ultimately accepted God had given me beautiful hair!

How do you get those curls?

I use the Aveda Dry Remedy and Color Conserve line in addition to totally loving the moisture in Keracare products. Last but most definitely not least, my fave second day curl refresher is Design Essential’s Curl Enhancing Mousse!

Wash day. Here are some pics of my in-shower favs and the assortment of potions/creams/oils that I use to style my hair #curlylifestyle

The results are in…

And we say “yassssss hunny”!!

Curly mamas have have fun too! Themed parties are the best!

Most Memorable Hair Day

Asha three days after giving birth to her baby boy!

Okay, one of my best hair days was three days after my baby boy was born last year. I received a fresh cut and color that morning for my younger sister’s wedding.

This is a Felicia again. Wayment! 🙅🏽

Did you hear what she said!? WHO looks like that just THREE days after giving birth…who?!?! Plus, she stood up at the wedding and gave an amazing and hilarious matron of honor toast. Major mic 🎤 drop.

This is simply another reason I love this woman. She is strong, confident and obviously fearless. Thank you Asha for sharing your Curly Courtship with us! ❤️

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