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When Hair Imitates Life  

Admittedly, I’m a lazy curly girl. Perhaps lazy is not completely true or the right word to use. I have every intention in the morning to co-wash, deep condition and diffuse my hair every other day or so, BUT as the illustrious lady in the news clip/meme so eloquently said “ain’t nobody got time for that!”

It’s true, I don’t. My alarm goes off every morning at 4:30a. I’m not one of those women who wakes up early in the morning to work out. It sounds like a logical thing to do, but I just physically can’t pull myself out of bed for THAT! However, I do use my quiet time before the kids (2 and 5 yrs.) wake up to check work emails, read The Skimm, look at Instagram and read my daily Bible app. On a good day, I wake up when the alarm goes off and squeeze all 4-5 activities in by 5 a.m. On a bad day, I snooze every single alarm (at least five settings..proof below) and wake up to my youngest calling “Mooommmeeeeeee” from his crib.

Back to the point of this blog, I’ve noticed most people tend to wear the same hairstyle. Not me and not my daughter. My ‘do of the day is a mirror to my mental and physical state…and the amount of time I have in the morning. When I’m feeling my outfit, have an interview or will see people outside of the office, I try…try to wear my hair all down. Down means I actually had to put in time. Down equals #HairGoals for me. In reality I’ve burned my candle at both ends for far too long. It has led me to discover this partial, front-hair swooped to the side with a fluffy top bun style. This is absolutely an ‘I’m exhausted to the core, but all hope is not lost’ look. I swear I’ve rocked it for the last five days at work. 😫

Most days I grab the water spray bottle, add Mixed Chicks, fluff up my front long layers with a diffuser and pull the rest back in a low ponytail. It’s not horrible nor trendy, but it’s all me and goes with my typical reality of anything more than a ponytail is not even an option since I have 10 minutes to make a miracle happen. I’m also the president of the throw-on-a-baseball-cap and go hairstyle on Saturday mornings. It’s THE BEST feeling not worrying about a style and just covering it all up. Ironically today is Saturday as I write this blog (NYE 2016 to be exact) and guess what I’m wearing? 😉

So am I the only one whose hair matches their attitude? I can’t be that original. Tell me what’s your go-to style. I’d love more options to try. If on Instagram tag your style as a #CurlyCourtship! ❤️

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