Curly Boy, Dads

Hair Today, Gone Tonight

This is the story of Elijah’s second hair cut. His first was in a real barber shop and the whole time he screamed and cried an adorable “NO THANK YOU, NO THANK YOU, NO THANK YOU”. The. Entire. Time. Politeness always counts 😉.

Anyway, the second time his hair grew out, my husband and I had this debate on whether he should just cut his hair at home to avoid the public torment. I said “I’ve never seen you cut anyone’s hair before, so how are you going to cut his little guys head full of the glorious curls?!” He said and I quote “I got this”. Here’s how it all went down one February night in our Phoenix home.  

See that cookie? Yes, the bribes came out quickly. 

Mia thinks she is his mommy most days.

Time to detangle and pick his hair out. He has no idea what’s coming. 

Yep, now he knows…and so do our neighbors. 

The blurriness of these photos should really make you feel like you were there. Action packed! 

Getting down to business with the clippers. 

As Jay-Z said “I’m focused maaannn”.

Now. We’ve reached the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Who won this hair debate? Drumroll please……

😍😍😍😍  Look at our little man! Eugene obviously knew what he was doing. I’m pretty sure in that last picture daddy was telling Elijah to say “I’m looking fresh to def!” Classic father/son moment creating a Curly Courtship. ❤️

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