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Parenting Help From… Jay-Z

Okay, I know this sounds ridiculous, but just indulge me for a few minutes.

If you’ve read any of my blogs, you know my sweet kindergartener is a sensitive soul. She has a heart of gold and I love her for it. She also cries often and most of the time I think she sheds a tear too quickly. I really want her to be tougher, but who am I to tell her how to feel?

This morning she was looking in the Tupperware cabinet for something and because the shelves are unorganized (#Momfail), she pulled out a porcelain dish instead of a plastic one. It fell and broke. It frightened her and she cried from the shock.

Cue her three-old brother a few minutes later doing or saying something to her and causing more tears. Bless her heart, she said “Elijah, you know I’m still a little sad from the first thing”. ☹️

Like all families with young kids, our mornings can be hectic, but I saw my husband walk over to give her a big hug. He sat her down and told her it was okay, that she was a strong person and to not let things bother her so much. Then it happened….that moment when a parent is trying to console and encourage and think of something profound to say all at the same time. “You just have to brush your shoulders off. I’m going to play you a song ,” he said.

Me: 😵

We immediately looked at each other and cracked up!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Mia had no idea what was going on.

Buuuuttttt, maybe he is on to something?! I did a little research and found a few other Jay-Z song titles we can use for future parenting moments. Before you start judging me, here are the disclaimers. Of course, our kids will not listen to the actual Jay-Z songs and believe me I know most of his titles are not appropriate for kids, that’s why I only have five to share 💁🏽. I also know the real title of that song is “Dirt Off Your Shoulder”. Again, just indulge me a bit. Here we go:

  1. When times are tough, teach them it’s a Hard-Knock Life from Vol. 2…Hard Knock Life.
  2. When you are exhausted and they are beyond hyper, tell them I Just Wanna Love You from The Dynasty, and then go hide.
  3. When they need to be reminded God created them special just the way they are, encourage them to Never Change from The Blueprint.
  4. When reciting their positive words in the morning, make them say Blueprint (Momma Loves Me) from The Blueprint.
  5. When the world around them is not so nice inform the kids, People Hate from The Blueprint, but they don’t define you.

Runners up: 99 Problems, Song Cry and Can’t Knock the Hustle. Did I miss any? 💋

4 thoughts on “Parenting Help From… Jay-Z”

  1. Great research on appropriate titles maybe she can even make up her own songs or play act what it might mean. Adorable that she said to little Elijah, You Know I’m Still Sad From the Other Thing! Using her words more to express her feelings will soon replace the tears. Keep up the united parenting Mom and dad. Happy 2018!🌟

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  2. I love this, I think hip hop and songs in general help out for a lot of songs. That was a brilliant idea, Go DAD!!! It works when they become teenagers as well. JayZ has a lot of inside, checking out 4:44, theres a few more you can use.

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  3. I like “Change clothes and go!”

    To me … it’s metaphor for getting rid of those problems and moving on to something positive.

    I also like “On to the Next One” for the same reason!

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