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Wouldn’t it be interesting if Disney remade the movie “Tangled” with a little curly-haired girl whose hair was as long as that tower? Guaranteed new plot twists, drama and major tears as that witch pretending to be her mom combed out her hair! Why does this resonate with me?! I’m ALWAYS on the hunt for quality detangler for my daughter’s beautiful 3C/4A hair.

I’ve come to believe there are two levels of detangler she needs. One need is pre-wash detangler to truly help me get through the tangles and thickness that happens after a week or two of braiding. It’s a real process. Remember that time I gave you a play-by-play? For that, I Love this brand Kinky Curky Knot Today.

Then there is maintenance detangler, meaning the type you use weekdays during braiding sessions to keep the hair moisturized and reduce the amount of tangles in general because it’s a fact curly hair gets tangled. This is where I can experiment the most with brands from Target and Sally’s.

I think this new Monat product is more of maintenance detangler for her hair type. I like the way it smells and it does not leave her hair weighed down or sticky. Someone with thinner or finer hair strands might use it before and after washing. If you want to test it out, my stylist Shauntae can help!

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