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Real Dads Do Curly Hair 

I remember the day we found out we were having a baby girl like it was yesterday. I was laying down on the ultrasound table and Eugene (my husband) was standing behind me to the left. I remember Dr. Amaya saying “you’re having a girl”!! I can’t recall exactly what I said or did in that moment, but I do remember my husband’s reaction. I looked at him from the corner of my eye and I swear his face loss all of its color and he was frozen 🤣. He claims he played it cool, but in that instance I saw his mind flash forward to what having a little girl meant….scary stuff for a guy! 

Over five years later, I look at him now with our daughter and son and am so grateful for his amazing presence in their lives. He’s a great dad and shares in the ‘love equity’ of our children. He cooks dinners every night, gives baths and piggyback races to bed. Knowing all that, is it petty for me to say his hairstyle skills used to be nonexistent?! He’d say I was being a hater (and that he’s been doing his cousin’s hair since he was 15 🤷🏽‍♀️) but for someone who didn’t know what a headband was 😳, he sure has come along way! 😉

I must admit when it comes my daughter’s hair I’m very particular and very involved. In that same breath, I do have to travel occasionally for work so that means he has to pull double daddy duty that includes morning hair on top of our normal wake up routine. It’s not an easy task to pull off for a mommy or daddy! 

Here’s my daughter in her toddler’s two class on a day where she and daddy had to fend for themselves with side clips, hair ties and a sweet “headband”.

This was a good try! Impressed he topped off the random side clips at the top of her head with a matching headband.

And another one of my favorites! I call this ‘sad pony’…

Back then her hair was hard to pull into a ponytail. So thankful the teachers take weekly pics so I have this memory to treasure.

All jokes aside, today Eugene is able to take her long, beautiful curly hair and whip up some impressive braided ponytails! In fact, I’ve humbly admitted to him that I think his braids look better than the ones I do!

So here’s to the dads who can and will learn how to do it all for their sweet daughters! It’s a literally a family affair when it comes to Curly Courtships! ❤️

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